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Traveling Experience

Two years ago, my parents took me on vacation to France, and it was the first time I was traveling abroad. I have an aunt in France, and so it was kind of a small family gathering as not only me and my parents but also an aunt on my dad’s side came along with us. Being so far from home for the first time in my life, everything was fresh and new for me. Even the nine-hour flight from Miami to France, long and tiring, was rather entertaining, even though this was on account of food mostly. After arriving and paying our respects to our relatives, it was only natural for us to turn into tourists and spend some time in search for experiences only a foreign countries provide.Sightseeing in Paris is, not surprisingly, an amazing experience full of emotions and wonder brought by brilliant architecture and imagination of the great artists of the past. Yet, talking about experiences that shaped my personality, I must mention a more grim side of the trip. France is the biggest country in Europe, and its population often consists of immigrants from South Asian countries. The level of ethnic diversity in the country is incredibly high. This results in social tension and the need for strong social and public policies. Moreover, growing number of such conflicts and cheaper work force destabilized the situation in the country, which resulted in the sight that I faced during my stay: a great number of poor and homeless people.The research states 30 000 [children] are homeless […] and 3 million (20%) are living in poverty in France.