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Urban Planning

For several years one FBI detective was in charge of dealing with major crimes on the reservation. Although the movie is not explicit about the reason, probably due to public pressure a second detective was assigned to help the resident detective solve the latest of the multiple homicides. The agent was selected on the basis that he had Sioux blood, although this was a very minor component of his heritage. This selection was probably part of a deliberate plan to assuage public opinion by giving the appearance of impartiality. However, he was only given 3 days to solve the latest murder which suggests to me that the FBI were not serious about him being allowed to be effective. In other words, I suspect the supervising agent in Washington already knew the identity of the perpetrator and was just planning to go through the motions pretending to conduct a real investigation. Although the militant group ARM (Aboriginal Rights Movement} was blamed by the resident agent, it turned out that he was responsible. He was taking kickbacks for secretly arranging a lease on a remote part of the reservation to allow strip mining of uranium. This was kept secret because it most likely would not have been approved by the local band council due to the environmental implications such as the pollution of the reservation’s lakes and rivers. While it is unclear how high in the federal bureaucracy the corruption reached, it appears there were plans to mine a valued resource covertly to avoid political fallout from exposing the legitimate environmental concerns and effectively usurping the authority of the band council to stop the illegal activity. Anyone who got close to the truth was murdered by the resident agent and ARM made the scapegoat for the crime.