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What you learned in speech course

Previously I was very shy about talking out in public and standing up in front of a crowd. However, this speech course has helped me tremendously in boosting up my confidence level. Now not only am I able to present myself much more properly but I believe I am even more calm and composed as I deliver speeches. Before all this started I recall how much I used to shiver with the mere thought of getting on the stage to deliver a speech. But as I moved on with this course I discovered that having speaking related anxiety is as completely natural as anything else. I discovered that I was not the only person in the room who felt he couldn’t deliver, and there were a lot of other similar souls. There is a lot that I have learned from this speech course and time would run out if I start mentioning everything here. I believe this course has helped me a great deal in overcoming my fears to start off with. I always thought presenting to a crowd is a great deal and not everyone’s capable of it. However, the day I stepped onto the podium my thinking changed and I left all my fears behind. It must be mentioned here that my instructor helped me a great deal with my speech and pointed out mistakes where I was wrong. This course, I believe has taught me to look inside my self and share my feelings with the audience. I learned that while delivering a speech you have to adjust your tone and message according to the audience’s feedback. I remember how I was rushing through my speech on automotive engines until I looked into the eyes of a couple of students in the audience. Their eyes zoomed me in like I was saying something alien to them. It was then that I realized that there’s something wrong with my presentation and adjusted I slowed down. This speech course this helped me figure out that speech delivery is all about adjustment to your audience’s feedback. It taught me you have to step into your audience’s shoes and figure out if you would have understood the same had you been in their place. This speech course has also helped me a great deal in being able to speak clearly yet concisely and confidently. It made me realize the importance of proper speech delivery and the impact it can make on the life millions of people around you. I realized that developing upon your speech is not only essential in getting a good grade in this course but it helps you a lot in speaking out in tons of other important situations as well. I also learned that proper speech and presentations do not only help us to present ourselves effectively in front of others but help us get control of and master our lives. I also realized that it is our speech that makes us unique from thousands of people around the world. They say everyone’s equal and that fact is true but having command over proper speech is what distinguishes a learned person from an ill literate one and makes you stand out in front of a crowd. I would like to sum it all up by saying this speech course has ideally changed the course of my life and how I used to see things. Now I believe if you can communicate properly and make yourself heard then you can overcome any obstacle in