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Who would you rather study with Aristotle or Plato

Aristotle on the other hand believed in logical reasoning. He is credited with laying the foundation of the use of logic as a basis for study and scientific thought. Thus, whereas Aristotle’s philosophical values are heavily influenced by Plato, there exist huge differences in their way of thinking. Based on my personal values, ethics, religion affiliation, beliefs, and philosophical orientation, I would rather study with Aristotle than Plato.
Aristotle believed that when we breakdown and classify the natural world in a systematic and analytic way, we can reach a true argument where we can come up with a conclusion that is concrete and correct. This is against the arguments brought forward by Plato who insisted on making valid arguments that made sense logically but could not be either considered factually true or false. An example of a valid argument would be to suggest that old people are bad drivers. Therefore, when you meet let’s say Jack, who is old, you out righty judge him as being a bad driver. While this may be a valid argument, it may not be entirely true without seeing him driving. On the other hand, a true argument as presented by Aristotle would probably suggest that all fruits have seeds. Therefore, regardless of whether he picks an apple or an orange, he will know that these are fruits and thus they all have seeds. Therefore, Aristotle would make a better person to learn with because of his valid scientific arguments.
While both Plato and Aristotle contributed hugely to political philosophy and shared some sentiments on the ideal state, Aristotle still had some of his reservations on some of Plato’s philosophical teachings. While Plato advocated for communism in which he called for abolition of ownership of private property, Aristotle was a harsh critic on the abolition of private property. Plato was of the