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Why MIT and Other Respected Colleges and Top Universities Like Homeschoolers

Universities Like Homeschoolers

Growing up, kids dream about becoming rich and successful in life. Parents, on the other hand, never fail to remind their children to study hard and aim to attend a prestigious college or university for a better future. Respected educational institutions include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Stanford, Duke University, and many more. These colleges and universities have high standards when it comes to accepting applicants and not everyone can get in. For those who get accepted, it is not an easy task. It requires years of preparation, and even though you have worked hard through your high school education, it does not guarantee you a spot in these top schools in the country.

Before going any further, let’s find out why there has to be an application in the first place. Why can’t these schools just accept everyone who wants to learn? Since education is important to everyone, and since it is a constitutional right of every individual to be educated, why must there be a screening process? If education does not have any limits and if learning is a continuous process, then why limit those who want to learn?

It is true that no matter how old you are, there are still so many things that you do not know. Learning is a lifelong process. If you live your life to the fullest, you will realize that you are learning something new every day. However, you must also remember that it is a process. Process means you cannot jump from the letter A all the way to letter Z. You have to go through the rest of the alphabet to get to the letter Z. In order for you to multiply, you must first learn the basic mathematical operation which is addition. Before you are able to play a full song using a guitar, you must learn the chords first. It is the same with the education system. Colleges and universities are requiring their applicants to go through interviews and exams before accepting them to determine if the applicants are ready for the challenge. College education is your preparation for the real world. After college, every decision you make will be crucial because your future and your life are on the line. These schools cannot let everyone in because you must first exhibit that you have the right amount of foundation to prepare you for what’s waiting outside the school walls. Think of it this way, your life is like a restaurant and you are the food. Up until high school, you are being cooked to perfection. Once you enter college, that is when you are being prepared on a plate with an exquisite presentation ready to be served. Then, after you graduate and start looking for a job, that is when you are finally served to the customer. So you see, no matter how nice the presentation is, if you are still raw, it would be pointless to serve you. Top universities are not limiting those who want to learn, they are just making sure that the foundation is there so they can help you reach your full potential.

These institutions have evolved over the years. They have learned to look past the standardized exam results. They are now looking at each applicant as a person in a community, not just as a student in a school. It actually makes more sense because that is how they can really determine if the applicant has the right groundwork. Homeschoolers have taken a slight edge on this aspect. Aside from the scholastic side, these institutions are now taking into consideration the creative side of each individual and what makes them interesting over the rest. These are the things that are not taught in a traditional school setting. Being intelligent is somewhat subjective in a way because if you are intelligent and you are in a room full of intelligent people, you may find yourself not that intelligent anymore. However, being creative and interesting is different because it shows the real you. So, it doesn’t matter if you are in a room full of interesting people, because you will still be viewed as someone who is interesting.

Homeschoolers are at an advantage in this aspect because they have more time on their hands to explore and find out where they are really good at and do what they really want in life. They are able to get in touch with their creative side more freely than those students in public schools. With more room for them to go outside and be active in the community, they are able to meet different types of people, learn a whole lot more, and become well-rounded which is a huge advantage. They also prove to be talented in so many ways. Moreover, homeschoolers have more freedom to take on more intense topics if they want to and that allows them to further expand their knowledge. This also proves that homeschoolers are willing to take risks which make them interesting people. However, it does not necessarily follow that homeschoolers can easily get into these prominent schools. Again, the foundation must be strong. Even if you are homeschooled, but the parent/teacher did not maximize the benefits, then your homeschooling education might as well be put to waste. So as a parent, make sure that your homeschooler makes the most of his/her education. Try something new as much as you can with your kid. Join activities and take lessons that will help bring out the creative side in your child. Expose them to the community so they can learn how to adapt at an early age. Not only are you preparing them to be successful later in life, you are also teaching them how to survive at the same time.

These are the types of individuals that top universities are focusing on because they are usually the ones who bring pride to the institutions. They are the ones who are not trained to just follow orders all their lives. They are the ones who will really pursue their dreams. They are the ones who can make a difference.